Now. More Than Ever. It's YaYa Time!

Seniors & Persons At Risk (Special Time Just For You)

 M - W - F (9AM - 10AM)

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COVID-19 Requires Straight Talk

Every guest needs to know we have raised our treatment fees by $3.00.

This is the first increase since we opened our first location 9 years ago.

Why now?Many of our expenses are fixed. Our available work stations will be

reduced for the foreseeabe future. There are going to be extra costs associated

with new cleaning standards and social distancing. We wil be sharing this increase

with our staff. Tipping remains verymuch appreciated. The increase falls far short

of the increased expenses and reduced revenues. Yet, we at YaYa Foot Spa are not

going to give up. For the sake of our staff, our families and our guests we will prevail.

The New Normal

COVID-19 presents many challenges to YaYa Foot Spa. The fact that we are only

permitted to seat fifty percent of our capacity makes keeping the doors open

most difficult. Our capacity is dictated by the State of Texas Department of Health

and Human Services. COVID-19 curtailment requires attention on our part to the safety

of our staff and guests. Maintaining social distancing directives will only work if

everyone we encounter understands that a simple cough might infect and bring pain,

suffering and even death to innocent folks just trying to go about their business. 


Everyone must take ownership for their actions. Very seldom does human history

allow individual humans the ability to effect the future of mankind. One can not under

estimate the importance each person will have in the opening up of our society for

what we call "the new normal" is anything but normal.