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Our staff will sit you on a comfortable couch when you start your treatment. The treatment area will be from the knees down. While you get situated, the staff will prepare a warm foot soak for you to relax in. After a few minutes of soaking, one of your feet will be wrapped in a towel, and the server will start treating the other foot. The server will be applying some naturally scented organic lotion during treatment. You may wish to close your eyes and relax at this point.

Your foot reflexology session will begin with gentle foot relaxation techniques. This will be followed by applying pressure to the reflex points on each foot in a specific flowing pattern. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, sometimes, a tenderness may be felt in a particular area. This is an indication of an imbalance within the body. Your server will work on the tender area, releasing imbalances and loosening tensions, which will help the body restore its natural equilibrium.

After your treatment, drinking plenty of fresh water is advised to help flush toxins from your body.

The regularity of your reflexology sessions will vary depending on your requirements. After your first reflexology session, you can devise a suitable treatment plan. Some guests visit us daily, and others see us monthly.

The YaYa Foot Spa® looks forward to welcoming you and guiding you toward total relaxation and well-being.


YaYa Foot Spa® specializes in direct pressure foot treatments known as Chinese Foot Reflexology. Our staff members are primarily from mainland China and are older, which means they have been trained in traditional techniques since a young age. Direct pressure foot treatments are popular in China, but many consider this a dying art. At YaYa Foot Spa®, we follow the traditional method of treating only feet to provide our guests with an authentic experience.


Before getting a foot treatment at YaYa Foot Spa®, guests should familiarize themselves with the relationship between direct foot pressure points and the body. You can explore a chart with this information on our website. However, please note that our treatments are not intended to evaluate or treat any medical conditions. Only trained medical professionals can do that in the United States.


Our foot treatments offer a relaxing experience that often puts our clients to sleep. Since the treatment is only applied to the feet, clients of all ages, including seniors and children as young as four, can benefit from foot treatments without experiencing ticklishness.


The owner of YaYa Foot Spa® was born and raised in mainland China, and she migrated to the United States in her early thirties. She is now a proud United States citizen and passionate about preserving long-held Chinese traditions, including foot reflexology. She opened her first YaYa Foot Spa® in October 2011 and now has four spas in Dallas, offering high-quality service at affordable prices.


The name Yaya Foot Spa® is particular to the owner and has a unique story. Her daughter also immigrated to the United States when she was thirteen. Nobody could pronounce her name. Her daughter eventually told everyone to call her “YaYa.” When her second daughter was born, she wanted to be called “YaYa” like her sister. So, the owner named her business after her children, which felt natural and meaningful to her.


Chinese Foot Reflexology is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. It involves applying pressure to specific points on the foot, promoting relaxation, and relieving stress, among other benefits.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these points correspond to various body areas and have multiple benefits. Brian Goodwin, an aesthetician, herbalist, and international educator at Éminence Organic Skin Care, explains that foot reflexology is a holistic practice performed on the feet. The concept behind it is that meridian points on the feet correspond to various organs in the body.

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